The functionality of a cigarette matters a lot. It is significant to understand the quality and the quantity of smoke the cigarette produce, how economical, efficient and effective a particular brand is and whether the brand is satisfactory. With the best scrutiny, you will always get to to only one answer i.e. e-cigarettes. This type of cigarette is environmental, health and user friendly. This article answers the the question are e cigs safe?

Although most manufacturers sell a slightly different model of electronic cigarettes, they all work on a similar principal of creating vapor smoke from a liquid that contains flavoring, nicotine, and propylene glycol. The liquid produces a visual smoke that is similar to the real smoke emitted when smoking the actual cigarette. Some models are made to resemble traditional cigarettes, pipes, cigars and others are made in pen like shape. The smoke produced is infinitesimally harmful to the environment and anyone around.

Smokeless products are much safer than traditional ones because they do not produce smoke and tar. For this reason they eliminate all dangerous implications associated with tobacco chemicals. These smoke products are hazardous to the surrounding particularly green plants.

Normal cigarettes generate about four thousand chemical products to the atmosphere. Some of these products end up in water bodies which in turn change their chemical composition. In time, the toxic water ends up killing aquatic life and changing the marine ecosystem.

E-cigarettes are electronic in nature. You do not need to use real fire to ignite or energize them. It has a rechargeable battery that provides the required electrical energy. The battery is used to energize an atomizer that heats a liquid contained in the cartridge of the cigarette.

The liquid produces a smoke vapor that is inhaled by the smoker. You no longer need you ash trays while using these types and you can just imagine how neat your compound will look. The nasty smells associated to smokers can be dealt with once and for all. Cigarettes smokers are well known for starting forest and house fires. All in all this scenario can easily be eradicated with the help smokeless cigarettes.

The most impacting aspect of the traditional cigarettes is their production. They require tree as raw material. In fact, they use a roll of approximately 4 miles of paper per hour. This has a direct implication to the environment as it leads to deforestation. In the end, an arid environment is created which destroy other green plants. This can easily be exterminated by e-cigarettes which do not require trees as their raw material.

Tobacco industry also accelerate the rate of at which trees are planted, but since they dry their tobacco using trees, this is assumed to be a decoy for preserving their raw materials. On the other hand smokeless cigarettes use a better technology in order to make their products stand out in market. If you are thinking about finding a safe and cheap electronic cigarette, we are a trusted and leading electronic cigarettes site where you can find a wide variety of smokeless cigarette products.